ArduinoPrX : PrXoS 1.00 - Video 1


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Friday 28th of April 2017 10:13:41 AM
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PrXoS 1.00 - Arduino Realtime Operating System - PrXoS 1.00 - Video 1
ArduinoPrX : PrXoS - Arduino library with Realtime functions and control api. Video 1
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First test of my Arduino lib PrXoS, with realtime function for midi or any stuff and a control api to create buttons,slider,checkboxes, radiobuttons and containers @ runtime and give back values or start functions. In this Video you can see the source of the arduino sketch and the source of the lib. After this you will see the lib working on a arduino Mega 2560 with a MI0283QT2 Touch Display. All funtions of the tft are made with wrapper to use each LCD. -------------------------------------------------------------------- For Info about the content of this video visit ... -------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------