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Thursday 19th of October 2017 05:37:10 AM
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PrXoS 1.00 - Arduino Realtime Operating System - PrXoS 1.00 - Video 11
ArduinoPrX : PrXoS - Arduino library with Realtime functions and control api. Video 11
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In the 11th video I show again the port of my AM808 VX3 sequencer firmware, now i'm done with it and I can start the upgrades. In this video I show the normal firmware but with using the new lib PrXoS. I tried the sequencer in my studio and it runs perfect. You can see me add some notes, change some sets, and use the mixer control surface. The sequencer use the irq timer 2 from the PrXoS lib and I can do what I want to do without a hanging beat. The realtime functions work perfect. -------------------------------------------------------------------- For Info about the content of this video visit ... -------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------