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Thursday 19th of October 2017 05:37:45 AM
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PrXoS 1.00 - Arduino Realtime Operating System - PrXoS 1.00 - Video 12
ArduinoPrX : PrXoS - Arduino library with Realtime functions and control api. Video 12
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in the 12th video I will show again the firmware of the Arduino Midi Sequencer AM808 VX3. I'm done with the new notes systems and the limit of 64 notes / pattern are away. Now you can add how many notes you want have in a pattern, so long until there is no more memory is available. At the old version there are 450 bytes free memory if you reset the sequencer, now there are 4500 bytes at a reset. That mean I have lot of memory to built in some other functions like a phrase synth or midi delay or anything else. A very interesting side effect, notices at the programming are the fact that you can see inside the pattern preview which notes are played and which is not. Thats is very comfortable and the keypad's from the PrXoS Lib are very helpful to input fast some values. The next step is to do this for the Pattern(Sets) , so I can add a pattern if I need a pattern. Thats saves also a lot of memory. -------------------------------------------------------------------- For Info about the content of this video visit ... -------------------------------------------------------------------- Standard Version : Mobile Version : --------------------------------------------------------------------