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Thursday 19th of October 2017 05:37:05 AM
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PrXoS 1.00 - Arduino Realtime Operating System - PrXoS 1.00 - Video 14
ArduinoPrX : PrXoS - Arduino library with Realtime functions and control api. Video 14
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In the 14th video I will show a new demo of my arduino midi sequencer AM808 VX3 playing the background music of an old arcade game. I think the most will still remember whats game it is. It this demo I use the new drum pattern for the beat and the old sets for midi notes. The new Mainscreen has 2 optional views one for steps and one for song.I would like to mention at this point , with the old firmware version without PrXoS I was @ the limit and now with PrXoS i've more stuff because i've more memory !! Please tell me how do you like the user interface and the layouts of the system. -------------------------------------------------------------------- For Info about the content of this video visit ... -------------------------------------------------------------------- Standard Version : Mobile Version : --------------------------------------------------------------------